The IMFDF Team aims to strengthen the ties of conservative women, and create a platform that promotes the modest fashion industry and female led businesses. Through our initiatives we hope to create sustainable business partnerships, educate and create opportunities to build an empowering network among women. IMFDF strives to unite all women through their passion for modest fashion.



IMFDF was established by Nateka Pitter, a Toronto based designer who owns Victorious Me (V.M.E.), a label thats boasts fashionable modest clothing and accessories to conservative women. Victorious Me is also an events company that currently hosts exclusive fashion parties for women in the GTA and will be expanding Internationally!!!


​I M D F​​


tuesday in love  is a Canadian cosmetic brand that have developed a line of products that is free of harsh chemicals  and will be used backstage at IMFDF2016. As a socially conscious company Tuesday In Love believes that anyone can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. That's why proceeds from every purchase are donated to Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl Initiative that helps underpriveleged girls all around the world.