Social Justice and Haute Couture Collide at Toronto’s First Muslim Fashion Festival

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The event featured a host of fashion shows, contests, workshops, and guest panels. One of the most exciting parts of the event was the inclusion of famous international bloggers who flew in specially for the event. Some of the bloggers that were invited were Dina Tokio, Basma K Styles, Saman Munir, Nuralailalov, Hijabs by Hanan, and Nora Tehaili.

Given the excited whispers that began when the bloggers entered the event during one of the fashion shows, it was clear that some girls had come just to get a glimpse of the famous bloggers! The bloggers themselves were personable, willing to mingle with attendees, and of course, take lots of selfies!

The fashion shows took place throughout the day, both days, and featured both local and internationally based fashion designers. The clothes themselves were eclectic, creative, and different. Given the Eastern background of many of the designers, several of the collections featured some sort of fusion between Eastern and Western fashion,

IMFDF  Toronto 2014
Hamdi Photography

IMFDF (International Muslim Fashion and Design Festival) Toronto 2014

Last Saturday and Sunday I had the pleasure of photographing the International Muslim Fashion and Design Festival (IMFDF), the first event of it's kind in North America. It was directed towards creating a more cohesive tie between fashion and modesty, while creating stronger ties between Muslim women entrepreneurs and fashionistas. This event was held at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center in Toronto, ON.

I got to connect with many amazing people this weekend (vendors, photographers, workshop leaders, artists, bloggers models!) It was so surreal seeing the faces I recognized from past events and from social media all live! 

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Hi guys! I just got back from an amazing weekend in Toronto! Well, I’m not quite home yet… currently at my parents’ house in Michigan so I’m halfway there!
I had a few cute outfits packed for the weekend and was hoping to squeeze in some blog shoots since I was going to be in company of some pretty amazingly chic bloggers

Irene Sarah Blog - IMFDF

I am finally sharing the excitement of IMFDF with you guys! I have to say that two years ago I used to envy hijab/turban wearing modest girls living in the States because there were SO many different modest fashion shows organized every year. Meanwhile in Toronto, sisterhood, when it came to fashion, was non-existence. I had very few bloggers I could look up to because most Torontonian hijabi bloggers focused on traditional modest style. I am a trendy girl as most of you already know and I like to incorporate new trends into my daily looks and modify them to make them modest. I had no one I could entirely look up to and most of my friends at that time did not wear a hijab. I felt like an odd ball most of the time and struggled to continue wearing hijab. It took me a while but eventually (thankfully) I understood that if I want to keep wearing hijab and continue to be modest I would have to create my own rules when it came to modest fashion (this should not be confused with religion in any way, shape and form). IMFDF was proof that we have come a really long way and NOW modest girls in Toronto can attend events like this and connect with each other, 

Hijabi Inspiration

I have been waiting for this weekend all summer, and it finally arrived! Ever since I first started getting into social media to help market my photography, I began to discover some amazing online personalities. The first one I ever found that was Muslim, was Dina Torkia (a.k.a. Dina Toki-o) and I fell in love with her style and personality. I never really contemplated meeting her, since she lives in the U.K. however when she started traveling I hoped she would visit Toronto (where I was living at the time). I began to look for more local bloggers

Toronto’s Muslim fashionistas will be converging on the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre to take part in the city’s first International Muslim Fashion and Design Festival (IMFDF).

Although the event will bring together some of the world’s Muslim fashion royalty with an array of leading designers, models, bloggers and YouTube hijab tutorial celebrities, time is also being prioritized to provide educational opportunities on issues like fair trade and ethical consumerism.

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